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Leaked: roadmaps for Office 15, IE10 and more

A leaked Microsoft roadmap shows an early 2013 release date for Microsoft Office 15rn

Microsoft apologizes for Windows Phone contest mix-up

Microsoft is apologizing after refusing to reward a tech writer who "smoked" a Windows Phone using an Android handset

Hacker gets Ice Cream Sandwich onto Kindle Fire

The hack is incomplete, lacking support for audio, Wi-Fi, the accelerometer and the light sensor

Verizon to kill unlimited data plans in July

Verizon hasn't announced pricing, but a basic 2 GB plan will reportedly cost $30 per month and 5 GB for $50 per month

Google Chrome makes enterprise push

Enterprise support could give Chrome a big boost in market share if enterprises embrace the cloud

Toshiba SSD opens door to MacBook Air alternatives

Release of skinny Blade X-gale solid state drives from Toshiba could slim down more notebooks. Find out more

RIM unveils PlayBook tablet

UPDATE: It isn't called the BlackPad -- thankfully -- but RIM unveils its tablet competitor to Apple's iPad. The device, unveiled at DevCon 2010, features a new OS from QNX

Israel bans iPads from U.S.

Israeli Customs says it will confiscate Apple's tablets because of the Wi-Fi standards it uses. The government said the iPad uses low-powered "American standards" as opposed to the "European standards" the country relies on for electronics

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