Articles Related to Mainframes

Successful strategies for retiring mainframes

The mainframe may not be dead yet, but it's got at least one processor in the grave. Nearly 20 per cent of organizations, who responded...

Gartner: the future is automated

An analyst muses over the tremendous opportunity to automate our workplace using IT

IBM announces new zEnterprise mainframe

The IBM zEnterprise EC12 will be the first in the series to use internal solid-state storage

Network firewalls, mainframes are still security favorites

Old technologies seemingly never die. Read why two IT managers need two of the oldest to secure their organizations

Interview: Andrew Wickett on legacy migrations

If your migration is done properly, legacy applications like COBOL will run just fine on commodity hardware, Micro Focus says

IBM mainframe automation on a tight budget

Ottawa-based Exspans Systems Inc. provides ultra-low cost IBM mainframe automation software to those in need

CA adds new mainframe Linux management capabilities

In addition to two new partnerships with Innovation Data Processing and Velocity Software, the new capabilities introduced are part of the CA VM:Manager Suite for Linux on System z and CA Solve Operations Automation product lines

Montreal’s Speedware offers mainframe migration

With Xframe, Speedware is promising North American users the ability to move their legacy applications off the big iron and onto platforms such as Unix, Linux and Windows. Re-hosting revisited

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