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Gartner panel explores how citizen needs impact digital strategies

How digital should your organization be? It was a simple question posed to a group of senior government IT executives in a roundtable discussion...

Ottawa to pump $443 million into second phase of Pan-Canadian AI Strategy

The federal government announced today the investment of $443 million in the second phase of the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy. Speaking at Collision 2022, François-Philippe...

Canadian CIOs positioned to lead digital transformation in 2016, but focus remains on technology and delivery platforms

As digitalization intensifies, CIOs in Canada are continuing their journey toward digital business, but are facing difficult funding choices in the near future.

Internet of cars goes beyond self-driving vehicles

Mention the “Internet of Cars,” and most people probably think of the self-driving vehicle. Technology companies and automakers are getting close to it. Tesla...

Thoughts on the digital era

The word "era" generally refers to a period in the history of humanity.  Although you can slice and dice history in many different ways,...

Proper decision-making eludes executives

Abundant data and the need for speed are two characteristics of our time. Given that, do modern...


Abundant data and the need for speed are two characteristics of our time. Then do modern managers usually make quick, high-quality decisions? Not according to a study by Kepner-Tregoe Inc., a management consultancy based in Princeton, N.J.

Inaccessibility has its advantages

I was attending a funeral recently, when the solemn event was rudely interrupted with a tinny, barely-recognizable version of Mozart. You guessed it

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