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Dell releases new XPS Desktop computers

Dell's new XPS Desktop PCs use Intel 10 core processors and Nvidia graphics.

Intel targets binge watchers and VR enthusiasts in soft PC market

Company director for Canada cites 2-in-1 form factor as strong growth areas for PCs in both business and consumer markets

The future of the desktop PC

Is the PC dead? Invented in 1960s, the PC is facing a fierce wave of disruption and whether it will survive or not is...

Apple sets OS X Mountain Lion release for July, cuts upgrade price 33%

Drops price to $19.99, will likely reach Mac App Store on July 25

IDC: Linux not yet ready for mass market

Linux, the open-source operating system, may be gaining a lot of ground in the enterprise space, but Windows will likely continue to dominate consumer desktops at least in the near future.

HP, BEA hint at joint application server project

BEA Systems Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. are poised to make an announcement on Monday that will have a

Motorola’s new PowerPC chip reaches 733MHz

Motorola Inc. launched Tuesday its new MPC7450 PowerPC microprocessor, designed for a variety of applications including networking equipment, high-end embedded systems and desktop computers.

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