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Adobe upgrades Flash and AIR

The company stressed that it is bringing the full desktop Flash to mobile devices

Conficker: Was that it?

What did and didn

AUTODESK U: Looking to nature for sustainable design

Computer-aided architects and designers are increasingly following nature's lead. How technology makes biomimicry possible

AUTODESK U: AutoCAD 2009 gets on-demand 3D printing

Better PDF capability has been on the user community's wish list for some time. An Edmonton user tells how it will speed up design

New Adobe technologies aimed at improving workflow

Quickly created animations, content-aware scaling and depth-of-field enhancement are among the new features Adobe showcased at its Max 2008 developer conference. WITH VIDEO

Quebec man proposes Wikipedia of body parts

Ever wanted to know which country has the longest feet in the world? The most predominant hair colour in Russia? Or the average height of a nine year old in Finland? A database project could cover these issues from head to toe

UPF chip designer tools in the works

Magma Design automation, Mentor Graphics and Synopsys are working on tools designed to build low-power integrated circuits. The products would conform to the Unified Power Format

The rich get richer: RIAs for the enterprise

Browsers were just the beginning. New software tools could make the desktop a lot more interesting

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