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IT professionals hold the key to return to the office

We're experiencing changes to the workforce like never before and as a result, more employers are adopting hybrid work policies to create flexibility. This opens a host of security concerns that weren't previously on our radars.

iPhone users lean heavily on Wi-Fi for Web access

A study found nearly one in five requests made over dual-mode phones other than the iPhone uses Wi-Fi. But nearly half of all iPhone traffic uses Wi-Fi rather than the cellular network.

Networks need internal security to be truly safe from harm

The average medieval castle featured layers of defence. Multiple wall rings were constructed so that there was no single intrusion point. However, these walls could be rendered useless by that most unpredictable of enemies: the insider

Winning with VDIP

Hip, young, and up-and-coming, is how Cisco Systems Inc. describes Boisbriand, Que., the latest of 17 Canadian municipalities to adopt the company

Voicing VoIP decisions

An accounts receivable company jumps into voice over IP (VoIP) early with do-it-yourself enthusiasm, while an insurance firm takes the slow road with the help of a service provider. Their experiences might help your firm discover the right IP mix.

Guelph U pulls the plug on PBX

Reducing costs and simplifying network management are the primary reasons the University of Guelph has went live with its campus-wide IP network

VoiceCon: NEC launches all-IP enterprise communications

NEC America Inc. will embrace the next generation of enterprise voice

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