Articles Related to cryptography

Diffie tells security pros: Prepare for the quantum computing era

A revered cryptography pioneer has warned that anyone involved in securing systems must take quantum computing seriously, for it is not going to fade...

Organizations don’t have basic visibility into their digital certificates: Keyfactor

Keyfactor talks about headaches surrounding managing digital certs and gives a couple of useful pointers.

Why the technology behind bitcoin could be useful to CIOs, even if bitcoin itself isn’t

Bitcoin’s blockchain cryptographic technology makes it practically impossible to go back in and tamper the information stored in it, which means that it can be used as a general ledger for information

Mozilla vulnerability goes BERserk

BERserk allows attackers to forge RSA signatures and bypass authentication mechanisms of Web sites

Data still safer with encryption: Experts

American intelligence operatives may be colluding with technology companies and using backdoors and brute force attacks to crack encryption technologies, but encryption is still...

Position-based quantum cryptography: A scientific breakthrough?

Three University of California researchers have published a paper showing how quantum physics can be used to do cryptographic tasks, such as key exchange protocols based solely on location. One prof says classic triangulation techniques can be spoofed

Sun delivers first UltraSparc T2-based servers

The companuy hopes the benefits of its latest Niagara series processors will mean enterprise customers will be able to cut the amount of hardware they need in their data centres

Quantum computer set for launch

Twenty years before most scientists expected it, a commercial company has announced a quantum computer that promises to massively speed up searches and optimization calculations.

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