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IBM, EU form cloud-computing consortium

The research consortium aims to develop new computer science models to reduce the cost of hosting and maintaining Internet services

EDS rehired for London transport fare system

After being bounced in August over smartcard failures, the international consulting and outsourcing giant is back on the route under a new deal

Spectrum wheeling and dealing about to begin

Industry Canada about to certify results and licence ownership of the wireless auction, which could change the outcome. The key for anyone with aspirations of national coverage is Quebec

London transport operator dumps card-payment contractor

After its smartcard system collapsed twice last month, Transport for London is cancelling the contract of the system managerTranSys by exercising an exit clause the deal. However, the rest of the 10-year contract, due to run out in 2010, will still be run by TranSys.

Radialpoint shares expertise with security consortium

The provider of managed Internet security joins the Anti-Virus Product Developers Consortium (AVPD) in an effort to contribute to what should be a

Supreme Court to decide fate of Bell deal

BCE Inc. will go to the nation's highest court in two weeks and fight to uphold a $35 billion deal that will see it privatized. It is battling a decision last month by the Quebec appeal court that the deal is unfair to Bell bondholders, a ruling which if upheld imperils the buyout

Open Group plans to certify IT architects

The Open Group LLC plans to launch its first IT architect certification program this week, renewing a debate among some users over the skills required for the position. The program defines a set of worldwide standards for measuring the skills and experience of IT architects and for assessing the operation of IT architecture practices in enterprises.

Researcher develops computer game for the blind

A Japanese researcher has developed a computer game in which the player becomes the game character, the game is played in real space and a pair of headphones substitute for a monitor.

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