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Veritas data centre service checks risks, offers solutions

The new SaaS offering from Veritas tracks down system incompatibilities and then provides administrators with suggestions on how to fix the problem

EMC and Oracle expand partnership

EMC is offering new configurations for users looking to save time and money deploying its storage platforms in Oracle data warehousing environments.

Mandate for federal desktop security set to kick in

The federal government's desktop security mandate kicks in this week, requiring government agencies to support standard secure configurations for Windows XP and Vista operating systems. Known as the Federal Desktop Core Configuration standard, the FDCC will require agencies to apply and maintain standard security settings on all desktops and laptops.

Keeping control of virtual test environments

Yes, virtual server technologies can save time, effort and money in preproduction. But there are pitfalls -- and they're no substitute for physical testing.

Five steps to more energy-efficient storage

Although many companies have already consolidated their storage and server environments, they could benefit further by consolidating their storage-area network environments

The greenest tech products

Finally, a roundup for the most environmentally-aware users in the enterprise. Check out lower-power notebooks, a solar-powered hosting service, a hybrid battery charger and more

Addressing IP

A beta network appliance called Proteus aims to combine the benefits of high-end software with the advantages of low-cost, inherently secure hardware in one integrated Internet Protocol (IP) address management device.

Hackers target unpatched IE bug

Microsoft Corp. is warning Internet Explorer users to be careful where they browse because attackers are now targeting a critical unpatched bug in the software. If successful, these attackers could possibly use this bug to seize control of a user's system, Microsoft says.

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