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Ontario welfare workers’ woes with computer system continues

Union workers said the assessment report on Ontario's trouble-plagued Social Assistance Management System did not cover critical infrastructure and performance issues

Ontario’s new computer system ‘a total mess’: Union

Government was warned months ago about potential problems with new Social Assistance Management System

Studies reveal positive security trends

According to Donovan Gow, vice-president of equity research with American Technology Research in Greenwich, Conn., the IT security picture, while gloomy, is not altogether bad.


Collectively as an industry, we

New Zealand antihacking law niggles set in

Now it's been made law, the New Zealnd government's so-called antihacking legislation is being picked to pieces by computer professionals.

Strategies for preventing lights out

Michael Smith was 12 years in IT in insurance prior to joining Ernst & Young LLP, four years ago where he is principal, Security and Technology Solutions. His comments are edited for brevity.

Users slow to upgrade Windows versions

Many corporate users of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating systems aren't keeping up with the steady cycle of version releases and some are considering abandoning the server operating system because of constant upgrades, a market researcher said Wednesday based on results of a new survey.

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