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Define doubt, uncertainty for best project results

Recent experiences with project management led me to find new meaning in the following quotation by Vroomfondel, a minor philosopher character in Douglas Adams

What not to do when your customers are down

IT consultants and contractors must be careful not to kick their clients when they

Festive paranoia meets IT

By the time you read this, Christmas 2004 will be just a foggy memory and the local gyms will be awash with people trying to work off festive foods their relatives sent them

How to get out of that difficult priority log jam

When there are more tasks due than there are people to do them, an old consultant trick is to put prioritization into the hands of the client.

The reason some women aren

I discovered the real reason why women stay away from information technology as a career: computer retailing. It creates the first impression

The mysterious principles of process improvement explained

In 1927 Werner Heisenberg realized that when you measure things, you mess them up. He was thinking about objects the size of electrons, but in macroscopic world of human behaviour, the principle holds.

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