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Hashtag Trending Aug.24-Microsoft’s repeated security failures prompts a new DHS security review; Norway data regulator denounces Meta’s privacy breaches; Why is landing on the...

The Department of Homeland Security targets Microsoft in a new security review, Meta continues rows with regulators worldwide, IBM announces AI offering to modernize...

IBM launches GenAI offering it says accelerates mainframe app modernization

There was a time when mainframe computers ran the world, and they ran it with software written in COBOL. Even today, there are more...

Measuring cloud maturity: How do you stack up?

IT departments must proactively work with business managers to drive growth if they want the full benefits of enterprise cloud deployments, according to a new cloud maturity framework.

Design your business critical software to evolve as needed — or accept the risk

Upgrades or changes to such software are expensive and risky, primarily because the software has not been designed and built for ease of change

Montreal legacy renewal firm buys British AS/400 specialist

The funny thing about IT companies that specialize in supporting and converting old applications is they appear to be in the business of putting...

Interview: Andrew Wickett on legacy migrations

If your migration is done properly, legacy applications like COBOL will run just fine on commodity hardware, Micro Focus says

Brain drain: Where Cobol systems go from here

The language is known for its scalability, performance and mathematical accuracy. But as the boomer generation prepares to check out of the workforce, IT executives are taking a fresh look at their options

COBOL brain drain: Survey results

Computerworld U.S. ran a research project the use of COBOL in business and government organizations. Examine the data to see what corresponds to Canadian enterprises

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