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Brain drain: Where Cobol systems go from here

The language is known for its scalability, performance and mathematical accuracy. But as the boomer generation prepares to check out of the workforce, IT executives are taking a fresh look at their options

Consumerization trends hit IT service management

At many companies, the problem is that processes are immature or even chaotic, so throwing automation at a bug-ridden process will only yield more of the same

Cloud promises savings, delivers speed

IT leaders are being urged to use cloud computing to lower costs in the data centre. But is speed the real payoff?

SaaS takes on business intelligence

When considering strategic business intelligence needs, would you put your faith in the cloud? Profiles of two companies draw a clear line between where the nascent BI-as-a-service offerings fit -- and don't fit -- in business today.

Sidebar: Make your data centre power efficient

Want to extend the life of your data centre? Here's 12 ways to make the heart of IT operations a cooler place to be

Data centres go underground

Here's why a bunker mentality can be helpful for data centre security, backup and business continuity

6 steps to Internet privacy on Google

Worried that Google might be snooping on you? There's no need to drop Google apps. Instead, bone up on your privacy rights and take advantage of privacy controls that Google offers

Online dating: Your profile’s long and scary shelf life

Online dating services have privacy policies that offer some assurances about how your personal information will be used and not used, but they don't necessarily delete your data after you've canceled your subscription and moved on

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