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Huawei P30 Pro camera demo: Zooming in on Paris

Paris, France -- Huawei's splashy launch of its flagship P30 and P30 Pro phones revealed devices that have improved on the cutting-edge technology displayed...

SanDisk’s SD card can store data for 100 years

The cards can be written on only once, the company said. The card is designed for long-time preservation of crucial data like legal documents, medical files and forensic evidence

Fujitsu to launch PC with 3D camera and display

The 3D-capable computer will be the flagship of the company's upcoming new line-up. The machine was on display at this week's Fujitsu Forum event in Toyko

James Cameron to develop 3D camera for Mars rover

Movie director James Cameron, of Avatar and Titanic fame, is helping to build a 3-D camera for the next robotic rover that NASA will send to Mars.

The trouble with trouble-shooting

Network managers are still struggling to find problems before users do. New tools make it easy to gather performance data, but are we doomed to suffer what one vendor calls 'death by metrics?'

HTC unveils updated iPhone 3G rival and Touch Pro2

Both handsets include customized versions of Windows Mobile 6.1 and larger screens. Find out what Push Internet can do for you

Dell takes $280M charge, Sony sales drop, Nintendo slips buy still in the game

Dell and Sony continue to struggle through the slowing global economy while Nintendo keeps its game on with the help of Wii and DS sales

Overhaul privacy laws, says Australian law commission

The country's law reform commission wants to simplify the federal privacy law so both the private sector and government have the same obligation to protect personal data. Agencies that transfer personal data outside Australia would also be largely accountable for it

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