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What CIOs need to know about desktop videoconferencing

CIOs should ask themselves: Will my employees use it? While the cost benefits of reduced travel are enticing, the savings won't come to fruition unless your employees participate

Cell users likely to shoulder 911 upgrade cost

Wireless carriers say the cost of upgrading Canada's outmoded 911 systems could run up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Analyst warn that cell callers will ultimately pay the price of the long-delayed improvements

Voter hotline gets and IT boost in preparation for Election Day

Manually created system hooked to traditional phone lines is getting Web interface upgrade to handle anticipated traffic

Cellphone disservice

OK, gentlemen, let

There are possible perils in switching to a VoIP service

People do stupid things. At least that

Speech recognition is finding its voice

As workers become more mobile and companies rely more often on good, fast, always-available support to hold customers, services based on speech recognition are starting to come to the rescue.

Speech technologies trim costs and boost service

Speech integration technology is nothing new, as any telephone caller who has ever barked back responses to a seemingly endless series of voice prompts can testify. But an improved generation of speech integration software, based on more powerful processors and emerging Internet-focused standards, promises to make the technology more useful and cost-effective.

German ISP launches public VoIP service

German consumers and small businesses seeking cheap telephone service in addition to high-speed Internet access can plug into a new Net offering next month.

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