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Silver surfers are past it? Never!

We know punched paper tape from punch cards. We know what green bar paper is. We've mounted mag tape and manhandled diskpacks the size of hat boxes

Danger: facts ahead

We are, apparently, just not safe enough and we need more warning labels. It's only reasonable. We have warning labels on food, cigarettes, airbags in cars, gas cans, water heaters, children's toys, you name it. But there are some notable, and very worrying, areas where warnings don't exist yet.

New Zealand gets insane copyright law

Under the country

Fixing the privacy joke

Corporate privacy policies do more to give companies carte blanche to share your personal data with third parties than they do to protect you from having sensitive information widely disseminated. How the law should be changed

How I gave in to malware

When I installed an anti-malware product, I removed a Trojan and all seemed to be find. But then I got all kinds of windows launching featuring nearly-naked women. Find out why we have so many botnet armies taking over our machines.

The G1 and Google’s Evil Quotient


How big boys boost cellular signals

Wi-Ex makes smart repeaters that relay cellular signals, both in the dual and single bands. Find out how to make the antenna work for you

Errant e-mail to me will cost you

Try typing in the address correctly when you send e-mail, especially to Mark Gibbs. Why the boilerplate addendum,

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