In the never-ending quest to ensure that our readers are happy, mentally balanced and have their loins girded (with cheap girders if need be), this issue we will attempt to address some of the more problematic issues you have written in about….

The Doctor is in: Dear Dr. Backspin: My company just cut the IT budget in half but we know that they’ll want us to do the same amount of work as we did last year. This is crazy, what can we do? Worried, New York.

Dear Worried: This one is easy: Most of the people in your company probably have only the vaguest notion about what you do. Do half or even a quarter as much as you’ve been doing for those people and they probably won’t notice the difference. As for the rest who do have a clue, spend what little money you have on keeping them happy and they won’t notice either. Dear

Dr. Backspin: My wife thinks I’m cheating on her because I get home late so