The whole idea of privacy has become a joke. On one hand we have consumers who will give away their personal details to random Web sites (as well as to Mrs. Sikiratu Seki Adam, “a widow to Late Saheed Baba Adams”) at the drop of a virtual hat. On the other hand we have businesses losing personally identifiable information and transaction data with wild abandon.

Yes, I’m talking about you, Heartland Payment Systems.

Heartland lost data on more than 100 million transactions although it is hardly alone.

This widespread carelessness has compromised the privacy of tens of millions of consumers and businesses. While carelessness is the cause, what has allowed it to go unchecked are a number of factors: The Internet making transactions easier and faster; the systems we use on the Internet (particularly Windows PCs) being as secure as the First Little Pig’s house of straw; organizations not taking security seriously enough; na

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