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McAfee names Jann Arden as 2018’s most dangerous Canadian celebrity

McAfee's annual list of the most dangerous celebrities to search for online is out for 2018.

Report links cyber spy group to Chinese army

Top secret unit reportedly steals tech blue prints, intellectual property data, contracts and contact lists from victim organizations

Researchers weaken Virut botnet

Virut botmasters are paid by other cyber criminals to load their own virus onto Virut-infected computers

Anonymous threatens Sony, spares customers

The hacker collective threatens to expose private information of Sony executives, promising to spare customers and the PlayStation Network

Juniper, Symantec investigating after Google attack

Published reports claim 34 large firms, including Dow Chemical Co. and Yahoo Inc., were attacked due to a security hole in Internet Explorer discovered by Google Inc. Google discovered a command and control server

How B.C. hospitals deal with Conficker

The Kelowna-based Interior Health Authority has selected 3Com

Gartner warns of cloud security ‘nightmare’

Analyst John Pescatore predicts cybercrime as a service with the rise of botnets and employees relying on networks and devices not owned by their companies

Major AV vendors face hundreds of new rivals

According to a new Symantec report, over 250 fake anti-virus programs spread across nearly 200,000 domain names are currently operating on the Web. Find out how the distributors are continuing to grow and how to lessen the risks to your enterprise

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