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Client magnet keeps customers by analyzing Quickbooks

Ever wondered what kinds of discounts would entice your customers to keep buying from you?

PayAnywhere’s mobile credit card reader stands out

Helpful features could move this card-swiping system ahead of Square and Intuit GoPayment in mobile payments

Anonymous threatens Sony, spares customers

The hacker collective threatens to expose private information of Sony executives, promising to spare customers and the PlayStation Network

Webby Awards reveal finalists

The 2003 Academy Awards are history, but recognition of the best of the Internet is just gearing up, with the announcement of the finalists for the 7th Annual Webby Awards.

Tech gift returns rule post-holiday shopping

An overview of customer visits to the return desks of computer stores across the United States revealed many gift recipients were simply trading up, or exchanging duplicates.

Compaq P710

This corporate monitor can be tracked as inventory when paired with a Compaq Computer Corp. PC

Net access alliance could change your ISP

It's partnership time for Internet access, with both Microsoft Corp. and American Online Inc. cutting deals to broaden Net access options.

Printers: Photo System HP PhotoSmart 1218

Printing for digital camera slingers.

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