WHAT’S HOT: This corporate monitor can be tracked as inventory when paired with a Compaq Computer Corp. PC with Intelligent Manageability software. It displayed pleasing text in word-processing and spreadsheet documents, and rendered photographs in vivid, saturated colors. You can set it to a resolution as high as 1600 by 1200 pixels, at a refresh rate of 76 Hz.

WHAT’S NOT: Although the P710 offers plenty of controls (including moire cancellation), as well as a three-year warranty and 24-hour daily phone support, at US$399 it is outclassed in features and graphics quality by other monitors priced the same or much lower.

WHAT ELSE: The P710 provides five factory color settings and allows the user to customize six preset modes, although red, green, and blue color values aren’t individually customizable. The monitor comes with E-Color color-matching software. Although the manual for the P710 also covers two other Compaq monitors, it is well written and detailed, with a quick-start chart and lots of diagrams. The P710 lacks extras such as USB ports, speakers, and a built-in microphone.

BEST USE: Corporate IS departments that have standardized on Compaq desktops will like the AssetControl feature and the round-the-clock support.

Buying Information

Compaq P710


16-inch viewable area, .25mm stripe-pitch DiamondTron NF tube, up to 115-Hz refresh rate at 1024 by 768 resolution, Plug and Play ready. Three-year warranty, 24/7 toll-free support.



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