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Open source routers become government IT option

If you're looking for an affordable, customizable and remote monitoring-capable DSL router, open source technology could be a viable option

4 IT tasks ripe for outsourcing

To save money, reconsider these outsourcing opportunities you may have never (or were afraid to) put on the table

Securing virtual environments

Many thrifty managers believe that the same technologies currently used to protect conventional physical servers can simply be extended to virtualized environments. This could lead to being trapped by threats in several areas, including software, administration, mobility, the operating system and network visibility

Rise of the machines

For years, IT specialists sat dispassionately as one career category after another succumbed to the ravages of automation. Now, in the first years of the 21st century, it's the IT professionals' turn to anxiously look over their shoulders and wonder if some box, sitting silently in a windowless room, will soon send them on a trek to the unemployment line.

Speech technologies trim costs and boost service

Speech integration technology is nothing new, as any telephone caller who has ever barked back responses to a seemingly endless series of voice prompts can testify. But an improved generation of speech integration software, based on more powerful processors and emerging Internet-focused standards, promises to make the technology more useful and cost-effective.

If a new concept called sentient computing takes hold, computers, telephones, cameras, software and other everyday technology tools will automatically

Chips: Upholding Moore’s Law

What's .03 microns long and can be turned on and off 10 billion times a second? It's a new transistor that has the potential to keep Moore's Law on the books for at least several more years.

Light Goes on a Bender

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have developed a new type of cable that can quickly and efficiently shoot light over long distances and around sharp bends

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