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The work from home experience will be a differentiator for organizations

Organizations can improve their ability to retain and attract talent by offering the right tool set and options for employees to work from home,...

Solar flare could trigger radio blackout on Wednesday

The solar flare which occurred Saturday belongs to a classification of flares that NASA considers as the most intense type of eruption

Toronto flash flood tests conferencing firm’s DR plan

A severe thunderstorm that dumped more than five inches of rain on Toronto in just two hours and caused over $850 million in damages...

Sales of unused IPv4 addresses gathering steam

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- A growing number of U.S. carriers and enterprises are hedging their bets on IPv6 by purchasing blocks of unused IPv4 addresses through official channels or...

The new DDoS: Silent, organized and profitable

DDoS attacks are now widely used in criminal extortion and by companies to get an unfair advantage over their competition, a security vendor says. Plus, the RCMP's take on DDoS attacks in Canada and how you can prevent them

Canadians admit paltry business continuity spending

An IDC report indicates most enterprises are investing only four per cent of their budget towards a plan that would keep systems up and running or backed up in the event of a disaster. An analyst explains the shortfall

And I say to myself ‘what a dangerous world’

It's a dangerous world out there. In Computerworld's Vital Signs quarterly trend survey, 31 percent of IT executives placed disaster recovery/continuity planning at the top of their priority lists, while 27 percent identified data security/privacy as their No. 1 issue.

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