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How to be a fantastic CIO

Push IT projects that deliver the biggest returns in the shortest period even when they require more capital infusion and come with higher risks, says Don Riley, CIO of Mohawk Industries. Other executives weigh-in on how to be an effective business CIO

Great career advice I ignored

Climb the corporate ladder. Keep your eye on the ball. Pay your dues. A lot of the conventional wisdom about how to succeed in your career is sound, but here are some unconventional approaches

Career suggestions to take with a grain of salt

How should you evaluate well-intended career advice? Researchers, career coaches and recruiters weigh in with these thoughts:

Nobody’s perfect, but you can still ace the interview

Here are some tips from Pam Lassiter, principal at Lassiter Consulting, a career management services firm in Boston, and Pamela E. Krieger, assistant director of career development at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J.

Fed-Ex IT managers swap jobs for fun and profit

IT managers at FedEx find that the company's six-month job-rotation program sharpens their skills, provides invaluable perspective, builds networks, breaks down silos and allows lower-level staffers to shine.

Picking up the pieces

Security breaches are an occupational hazard for the CIO. No IT executive is immune from such disasters, but everyone can be prepared to deal effectively with the fallout from such events. Here

10 tips on how to build a better Web experience

What kind of Web presence do you need to deliver great customer service in on the Internet? Follow our ten steps, and your customers will beat a path to your URL. We also include the five most common web site design flaws.

Spice up your job evaluation

Performance reviews are the fruitcake of management. Nobody really wants to give them because everybody knows that nobody wants to get them. The worst of it is that someday the receiver will probably give that same fruitcake to someone else

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