How should you evaluate well-intended career advice? Researchers, career coaches and recruiters weigh in with these thoughts

— Look inward. Consider how the advice fits in with your own goals and objectives.

— Get multiple perspectives. A professional mentor knows what makes smart business sense, but family and friends can help you assess advice from a personal perspective.

— Think long term. Ponder how your decision will affect you in five or 10 years.

— Keep an open mind. Don’t rule out advice because the options now in front of you weren’t among your original goals.

— Consider the source. Some mentors truly have your best interests in mind; others’ advice might be clouded by their own issues.

— Make a list, but trust your gut. Write down the pros and cons of following the advice so you can analyze it. Weigh the results against how you actually feel about the situation. A long list of pros shouldn’t win if the advice makes your stomach turn.

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