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Why IT professionals should start blogging today

Picture this: You’re an IT manager with 10 years of work experience. You graduated from a reputable institution and have had no trouble securing...

Public service needs more than partisan politics

Civil society organizations were excluded from last month's Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America in Montebello, Quebec. This partisan tactic sends a clear message that, for these leaders, politics is a competitive sport where winning is all about gaining control of public processes to advance one's own interests.

The resourceful project manager

These are challenging times for IT project managers.

Chris Moore

When he returned to government almost two years ago, Chris Moore placed his focus on the end customer. With more than 20 years under his belt in the IT and telecom industries, Moore has spent a considerable amount of time as both vendor and customer.

Dealing with integration

Vowels were flying everywhere at the Vienna Baan World user conference.Es were pervasive: actions were taken and business was done "at the speed of...

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