Chris Moore


When he returned to government almost two years ago, Chris Moore placed his focus on the end customer. With more than 20 years under his belt in the IT and telecom industries, Moore has spent a considerable amount of time as both vendor and customer. Now, he’s brought that experience to his role as CIO for the City of Brampton.

Throughout his tenure, Moore has played a key role in developing an online registration program for the city’s parks and recreation service and is currently involved in developing a creative solution for the city’s 2003 election.

“My focus since I have been here has been not only to be the CIO for the corporation, but to act as the CIO for the community,” Moore explained. “My most memorable achievement is the relationships and successes I have had with the business leaders. They are all joint accomplishments. I wouldn’t have them without the business leaders.”

With Moore at the helm, the City of Brampton is looking at more customer-focused, value-added transactions for its e-business initiatives – services that are designed to bring more information to the business community, developers and residents.


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