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Wireless sensors could avert bridge disasters

University professor's startup will start production next month of tiny wireless sensors that monitor a bridge's structural health, such as strain, vibration, flexibility and cracking.

IT leader builds a know-how network

A four-point IT strategy for getting employees at a very spread-out global company to break out of silos and share their expertise

Top tech firms join push to hire vets

JPMorgan Chase leads '100,000 Jobs Mission' to hire military personnel leaving active duty through 2020

Netflix reveals challenges in the cloud

It's been a "Herculean effort," wrote John Ciancutti, one of three Netflix vice presidents of engineering in a public-facing company blog. Words of advice for others who have taken the plunge

Enterprises seek corporate anthropologists

Getting users to adopt so-called Enterprise 2.0 technologies and reaping real business benefits from those implementations requires a different approach, according to The Corporate Executive Board

Shortage of Windows 7 migration experts expected

A Gartner report indicates that large and medium-sized businesses will migrate roughly 250 million PCs to Windows 7 over the next few years. The research firm said this demand exceeds the supply of qualified IT staffers

IT Leadership Boiled Down to 5 Elements

A new book called World Class IT by consultant Peter A. High book takes the CIO's complex world and boils it down to five core principles that provide timeless advice for technology leaders

Open-source BI going mainstream for routine uses

Adoption of open-source business intelligence software is doubling every year because the products are viewed as "good enough" for routine applications, according to a recent report by Gartner analyst Andreas Bitterer.

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