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Turbulence ahead!

I'm sitting here with a stack of 15 research reports on the telecommunications industry, and I'm going to save you some time by boiling it all down to 260 words. But it's an ugly picture.

Taming data chaos

That motley collection of corporate data you

Dirty data

Poor data management is costing global businesses more than US$1.4 billion per year in billing, accounting and inventory snafus, according to a recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Wired and wireless worlds to reunite soon?

Pop quiz: Which came first, the wired LAN or the wireless LAN? Today, we tend to think ...

Companies fight back against Internet attacks

Last summer, the Yahoo Inc. message boards were full of postings that insinuated that Titan Corp.'s stock...

Nonintegrated IT Hurts Strategic Planning

A lack of integrated information systems is hampering the ability of corporations to do strategic planning, according...

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