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The Business Leadership podcast: Laura Denham, chief creative officer at Notable Life

In this episode, you will learn why creating experiences and connecting with others will give you a different feeling of satisfaction.

The Business Leadership Podcast: Jaime Michaels, Twitter Canada

Michaels joins forces with top advertisers to create ideas that impact during moments that matter.

The Business Leadership Podcast: Erin Bury, Managing Director at Eighty Eight

Currently the Managing Director at Eighty-Eight, a creative communications agency that works with consumer brands and technology companies to tell their stories, Erin has worked with brands including Sony Pictures Television, Torstar, Yellow Pages, and PayPal, as well as with countless startups.

New name, same great content: CSO Digital is now Digital Security

Digital Security will offer the same detailed, in-depth articles our readers have come to expect in CSO Digital. If you are not familiar with our digital security publication, subscribe now and we’ll make sure you get every edition of our one-stop resource for timely, relevant, security news and insights you can rely on.

Labatt exec looks back at social media slip up

Labatt's attempts to have its famous beer disassociated with Canada's most infamous murderer ends up nearly killing the brewer's reputation.

Apple’s empire advances

Apple earned the title of being the most valuable brand in the world. Even after releasing two refreshed iPhone 5 models, the 5S and...

Canada 3.0 speaker suggests re-branding Canada

Government, academia and industry gear up for a two-day forum on how Canada can be a leader in the digital economy. Keynote speaker Tony Chapman says Canada has the potential for becoming the go-to nation for innovation.

Personal branding tactics that scream ‘Hire me!’

Zeroing in on your unique personal brand and communicating it consistently and effectively in your job search is a surefire strategy for attracting employers' attention

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