ITWC’s flagship security publication is getting a new name.

Effective immediately CSO Digital will be known as Digital Security. Why? Because we believe security is everyone’s business – not just that of an exclusive club of executives.

Security issues are impacting organizations at every level –  where you’re connecting to WiFi networks from a smartphone, or adopting new cloud services – and we want our best security content to reach the widest possible audience. With a simple name change, we hope that we’ve made it clear to our audience – this publication is for you. 

Digital Security will offer the same detailed, in-depth articles our readers have come to expect in CSO Digital. If you are not familiar with our digital security publication, subscribe now and we’ll make sure you get every edition of our one-stop resource for timely, relevant, security news and insights you can rely on. Do it today and you’ll find your copy of Digital Security in your inbox next week.

A reminder:  Our commitment to covering the security news that matters is not limited to our websites and digital publications. Throughout the year we publish research on a variety of security-related themes and hold webinars focused on the latest security trends, products, and systems. You can track these items using an advanced search of website resources section or by subscribing to our security newsletter.