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Shopify to fight CRA’s request to obtain 6 years of records from Canadian merchants

Chief executive officer of Shopify Tobias Lutke tweeted on Friday that the company intends to fight a request from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)...

Christie Digital projects perfect backup record with Commvault

AV firm Christie Digital relies on Commvault for its backups, and the vendor has never let it down.

Put an end to software sprawl

'Software sprawl' occurs when a business loses track of its licences. Avoid that with a good management system.

Controlling ‘shadow IT’

Some see it as grassroots deployment of cool technologies; some see it as weeds growing from any crack in the IT plan

Software helps organizations get compliant

New software, released in March, Symantec BindView Policy Manager 3.0 allows organizations to do three key things to help with policy and compliance management, according to Indy Chakrabarti, product-marketing manager for Symantec.n

US $1.24m grant for Open Source security

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has awarded a US$1.24 million three-year grant to Stanford University and software vendors Coverity Inc. and Symantec Corp. The grant will fund daily security audits and analysis of more than 40 open-source projects including Apache, Linux, Mozilla, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Programming Briefs

Gamers need to play with othersThe games industry needs to train people who can work in teams, collaborate with ...

Colleges and companies fail computer security

The security holes exploited by Code Red and Nimda, worms that experts said had the potential to knock the entire Internet offline, attacked long-standing vulnerabilities in Microsoft Corp.'s IIS (Internet Information Services) Web server software caused by a type of error made through bad code writing: the buffer overflow.

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