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Understanding Android Malware Families: file infector and potentially unwanted applications (Article 6)

This article is the last in the UAMF series to understand Android malware families, uncovering prominent file infector and PUA families.

Five ways to deliver quality application performance 

Moving to the cloud has presented challenges for companies forced to do so faster than planned during the pandemic.  For many businesses, it saved...

Rethink security when migrating to an SD-WAN

Many organizations are making the move to SD-WAN to improve application performance and user experience. But it can be a mistake to rush forward...

SD-WAN has never been more essential – here’s why

By Graham Bushkes, Country Manager for Canada, Fortinet There is a growing sense of optimism across Canada now that the initial shock of transitioning to...

Can low code platforms solve legacy gridlock?

Half of IT leaders say legacy systems are holding them back on digital transformation. Traditional software is time-consuming and expensive to build, said Michael...

Community engagement key factor for success at healthcare IT delivery project in Alberta

Having First Nations community play a leading role in reducing assessment wait times led to an optimum solution and improved data gathering

Driving Digital Transformation through Infrastructure Built for Open Source: How IBM LinuxONE Addresses Agile Infrastructure Needs of Next Generation Applications

The race toward digital transformation is getting faster every day.  The forces of cloud, big data, mobility and social are resulting in a fundamental...

Artificial intelligence: good, evil, or just a great business tool?

Like every major innovation AI can be used for evil as well as for good. But for most businesses, bringing in AI based tools will not be a choice but a necessity.

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