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Hashtag Trending – Breakup Facebook; Amazon bids on sports TV; FONK is the new FOMO

Should anti-trust laws be dusted off to deal with the tech giants? One of those giants, Amazon, is looking to become a sports broadcaster. And if you thought FOMO was bad, just wait until you suffer from FONK.

Microsoft-backed groups praise EU’s antitrust ultimatum

Threat to Google over alleged anti-competitive practices draws pleasure from groups supporting one of the search engine's determined competitors

EU hits IBM with two formal antitrust investigations

The European Commission announced on Monday that it will begin formal investigations into allegations that IBM has abused its dominant position in the mainframe

U.S. FTC files antitrust suit against Intel

Intel used a 'systematic campaign' to cut off rivals' access to the marketplace, the agency says

Intel to pay AMD $1.25B in settlement

The settlement won't have any effect on Intel's legal woes in Europe and the U.S., the players say. Why AMD needs cash, and Intel needs AMD

EU issues objections to Oracle’s Sun acquisition

The European Commission's statement of objections focuses on its concerns about Oracle owning the open-source MySQL database

Intel seeks dismissal of EU antitrust case

Intel accuses European Union regulators of sloppy analysis in their $1.45 billion antitrust ruling against the chip maker...

EC pursues antitrust case despite Microsoft’s IE decision

Stripping out IE from Windows may potentially be positive but rather than more choice, Microsoft seems to have chosen to provide consumers less, according to the European Commission

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