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Europe to consult public on net neutrality

The European Commission wants to hear from people on carrier transparency, switching and Internet traffic management. It might learn from Canadarnrn

EU dumps on rumours on Canadian treaty

An official denies that the treaty being negotiated will be a back-door for provisions affecting Internet service providers in an agreement that was defeated last week

Europe soundly rejects copyright treaty

Fate of treaty that Canada and 11 others have signed is shaky following vote. Six countries are needed to have it ratified

Competition not enough for new networks: EU official

Policy makers suggest a nudge from governments will be necessary to get European carriers to invest in next-generation fibre optic networks

EU takes tough stance on data protection

Lawmakers drag Hungary before court over independence of the country's new data protection agency

EU wants tighter monitoring of Internet censorship

Parliament demands rules to improve the monitoring of exports of technology that can be used to censor or block Web sites and monitor mobile communications

More criticism for anti-piracy agreement in Europe

Objectors complain expanded copyright law won't automatically help creators and it pushes changes in Internet governance that are "ludicrous and dangerous"rn

EC opens antitrust investigation of Motorola Mobility

Europe's top competition regulator has launched two antitrust investigations into Motorola Mobility

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