Friday, August 12, 2022

jennifer baker


EU committee urges action on net neutrality

Asks Parliament to ensure ISPs don't block, impair or degrade the ability of any person to use an Internet messaging or content service

Web paths are personal data says consumer group

Group calls on lawmakers to reject self-regulation on online behavioral advertising and increased focus on data protection

EU orders member states to implement cookie law, or else

The European Commission has taken the first legal steps to force 20 EU countries to protect consumers' privacy

EU wants more films available online legally

A new proposal could make it easier for Internet users to watch films online

EU upset by Microsoft warning about US access to cloud

European Parliamentarians demand a solution to the Data Protection Directive-Patriot Act clash. The issue has been raised following Microsoft's admission last week that it may have to hand over European customers' data on a new cloud service to U.S. authorities

OECD Internet policy angers civil liberty groups

The OECD represents 34 governments including European Union member states, the U.S., Canada, Australia, Mexico and Korea. Wednesday's communication focuses on copyright infringement and the measures ISPs could take to deter this

EU network access fine sends message to telcos

The European Commission warns telcos that they must allow network access to downstream broadband providers

EU countries ignore new law on Internet privacy

Most member states fail to take any action on the new anti-cookie directive. The new law, which aims to give Internet users more information about the data stored about them, was supposed to be implemented by all E.U. countries by May 25

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