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RIM, Apple patent ruling upheld

U.S. tribunal affirms decision that a Kodak patent the company said was violated by RIM and Apple is itself invalid. Kodak vows to appeal

Economic uncertainty continues to plague tech

Chances appear higher for a recession that could put a damper on purchases for IT

MasterCard gives sneak peek into mobile payments future

The availability of Google Wallet will be announced within weeks. The service will work on PayPass terminals already deployed in stores, though some of the terminals will need an upgrade to work with the applications

Intel to pay AMD $1.25B in settlement

The settlement won't have any effect on Intel's legal woes in Europe and the U.S., the players say. Why AMD needs cash, and Intel needs AMD

Cisco acquisition could put Ottawa company in play

Move to buy Starent could put Bridgewater Systems in play, says a financial analyst

Google eyes further expansion

The Internet search giant may not be hiring as fast as it once did, but Google appears not worried to take on new projects. In the words of CEO Eric Schmidt:

CPP Investment Board, others snap up Skype

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and other private investors purchase Skype's Voice-over-IP service from Ebay for US$2.7 billion. This is one deal that is definitely not going through PayPal...

Top 10 tech stories of 2008

Here, not necessarily in order of importance, are our picks for the Top 10 technology stories of the year

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