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Career Watch: The psychic importance of a job

A Q&A with Abraham J. Twerski, a Pittsburgh psychiatrist who suggests that with job loss still an issue for many, it's time to take a second look at how being employed defines who we arern

Microsoft’s anti-Zeus tool cleans quarter-million PCs

Free program scrubs money-stealing bot from Windows computers

Yahoo, Gmail, AOL users also victims of giant fake shopping scam

A massive phishing attack, which originally hit Hotmail, has also affected Gmail, Yahoo and AOL users...

How Teck and Deloitte think about FTP

Security is an important aspect of an FTP system, but other factors also have to be taken into consideration. Find out what Teck Resources and Deloitte focused on when upgrading their FTP system

Rogers, Bell and Telus unveil Zoompass

The big three telcos have gotten together to create a new mobile payment service for person-to-person cash transactions. Find out how it works

Phished Facebook accounts spewing spam

A Russian cyber-gang is believed to be behind the ploy to use Facebook accounts that were phished last week as spam bots according to an online security researcher. Here's what to do if you think your account is infected

Databases weakest link in securing e-health records

Privacy advocates are overwhelmingly focused on control at the application layer. However, online healthcare records also include networked databases -- the privacy of the entire system is only as good as that of the weakest database

Spam trends for 2009: What to look out for

Botnets, spear-phishing, and insider attacks are just some of the threats on the horizon for the new year.

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