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Career advice: Do certifications matter?

Page Petry, chief information resources officer for the Americas at Mariott International, answers questions about certifications, winning a promotion and more

Career Watch: In job interviews, watch your body language

The president of Positive Communications Media & Speaker Training and author of The Well-Spoken Woman says the way we move and gesture speaks volumes

Career Watch: A CIO’s hiring criteria

Dennis Hodges, the CIO at Inteva Products answers questions about what he looks for in a job candidate, the skills needed in a cloud-based world and more

Career Watch: IT workers are upbeat about the future

David Steinour, the CIO at George Washington University answers questions about the traits he seeks in new hires, the value of mentors and more.

Career watch: Calling in sick on the holidays

As our American friends enjoy their Thanksgiving long weekend, U.S. enteprises may experience a sudden flood of IT staff who suddenly don't show up as planned

Career watch: The IT jobs outlook

A Q&A qith Todd Thibodeaux, the president and CEO of CompTIA, who discusses the IT job situation and why some professionals are still out of work

Career Watch: Combatting doublespeak

William Lutz, the Rutgers emeritus English professor and former editor of the Quarterly Review of Doublespeak wants language accountabilityrn

What does an EBT CIO do?

Market research firm Forrester envisions a shift to an era of what it calls empowered business technology (EBT), in which business units are more involved in deciding what their technology needs are

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