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Lenovo in the data centre: driving innovation and growth

Published: October 17th, 2017 By: IT World Canada Staff


Changing technology, demands for scalability and manageability, and the exponential growth of data is forcing big changes in the data centre model.

From the physical infrastructure to software-defined storage and networking that propels today’s businesses, the Lenovo data centre portfolio delivers ultimate performance and industry-leading reliability.

Because Lenovo’s data centre embodies Lenovo’s legacy of purposeful innovation, durability, and performance, customers can be confident that we have a solution to meet the unique demand of their organization.

#1 in Customer Satisfaction  |  #1 in Server Reliability  |  42 Current World Record x86

            (TBR Report 2016)                      (ITIC Report 2016-17)                     Benchmarks

Solutions that simplify

Lenovo’s latest engineered data centre solutions simplify infrastructure, workload, and service delivery. Developed from world-class expertise and deep ecosystem collaboration, our innovative solutions eliminate the complexity in the data center—and optimize success.

And as our credibility in the data centre has evolved, so has our channel strategy in this space. Lenovo channel partners can now be armed with everything needed to win the data center sale—not by selling boxes, but providing real customer solutions.

Proven competence for business growth

Today’s Lenovo channel partner has the opportunity to gain a new level of credibility in the data center marketplace, bolstering confidence and establishing distinguished competence amid customers and competition.

  • The Lenovo Data Centre Program allows existing Lenovo partners to achieve an official partner designation, boosting industry prestige. This tiered value-added channel program allows our highest-selling data center partners to reap the rewards of loyalty and success with more robust incentives and benefits. Attaining one of the prestigious designations within the Lenovo Data Center Program is straightforward and simply hinges on two qualifications: Lenovo Data Center Certifications and annual revenue thresholds.

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  • Lenovo’s professional certifications provide independent validation of our partners’ skills that can contribute toward career growth and professional advancement. Certifications and training also provide a level of trust and assurance in a partner’s ability to successfully support customers. Lenovo offers four data center certification exams, including Lenovo Certified Data Center Technical Sales Professional, Lenovo Certified Data Center Sales Professional, Lenovo Certified Hyperconverged Professional, and Lenovo Certified Storage Professional.

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