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Hashtag Trending Nov.29- Fake women in the speaker’s list of a tech conference; Wooden data centres; Link between poor mental health and internet usage...

A conference puts fake women in its speaker’s list to showcase diversity?, Global authorities arrest members of a major ransomware group, the potential of...

CIOs must balance the environmental promises and risks of AI, says Gartner report

While there are many benefits and advancements that come from using artificial intelligence within organizations, Gartner says they need to be balanced against the...

Three best practices IT leaders must consider to future-proof their data centre operations

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, data centres face increasing demands for performance while combating the challenges of heat generation and energy consumption. According...

Cloud security provider Wiz opens Montreal data centre

Having a Canadian data centre means companies here won't have their metadata stored outside the country

Data center supply chain disruptions on the rise

According to a recent Uptime Institute survey, data centre operators continue to face significant supply chain challenges.

Data Centers on the rise says analysts

Analysts at Barclays Capital raised their ratings on Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Qualcomm, and Seagate Technology Holdings, claiming that the market will not revert to lower financial numbers and that data center chips are defying the industry’s numerous glitches.

Supply chain disruption: why it’s happening and how to tackle the problem

At Project Production Institute’s ninth annual symposium, Todd R. Zabelle, founder and president of Strategic Project Solutions Inc, and Hunter Newby, owner of Newby...

Drones pose new threats to data centre security

A new threat has emerged in the form of unmanned drones, and a different type of perimeter is necessary to protect data centre operations.

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