iPhoto gets an update

Among other new features, users of Apple’s photo software can now choose to group photos around a calender day or into journals. Users can also attach weather and date elements to the collection as reminders of where the photos were taken.

New features for iMovie

The new iOS iMovie includes new features like Movie Trailers, which allow users to use nine templates to create promotional clips for their home movies.

Garageband iOS is updated

Garageband for iOS was updated too and now has Smart Strings – which allow you to add intelligent orchestral clips to your recording – a note editor and support for iCloud song syncing, which will make work a lot easier for musicians on-the-go.

A new AppleTV

The new Apple TV comes with 1080p output, Netflix and Vimeo apps and will cost $119 in Canada when it is released on March 16, 2012.

The new iPad is the new iPad

The worst kept secret in the tech industry, the new iPad was announced with a slew of new hardware and features. It’s name, funnily enough, is the ‘new iPad’.

An Apple device with LTE

It finally happened, and not with an iPhone as predicted. The first Apple device that comes with LTE/4G speed connectivity is the new iPad.

The iPad 2 isn’t gone, it’s just cheaper

Despite introducing a brand ‘new iPad’ at the event, Apple has not discontinued the incredibly successful iPad 2. Instead, it’s turned the still-quite-new device into an entry level edition on the line dropping $100 off the price to start a 16 GB iPad 2 at $419 in Canada.

Still no Siri for iPad

Despite unveiling new voice dictation features for the new iPad, Siri was not announced for tablet iOS devices at the event. Though, Siri was announced for Japanese language, and is available with the newest iOS update.

New iPad gets Retina display technology

The new iPad is the 3rd iOS device to be outfitted with Apple’s ultra-HD resolution technology, the Retina display. The new iPad can display a million more pixels than an HDTV, with 2048X1536 native resolution.

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