Drive Through

After IT has set up Balance you need to one more thing to access corporate data: Download the free BlackBerry Work Drives application from the App Store. It lets you edit and manage content on enterprise network drives.

Colour Your World

Colour-code calendar appointments to separate personal for office work. In the Calendar, swipe down from the top bezel to show the menu, select Manage to show/hide calendars and Settings to customize colours.

Store Photos Carefully

Handset cameras are increasingly being used by people who don’t want to tote around a pocketcam. But you still need to ensure images snapped for yourself are saved to your Personal profile so they don’t end up on corporate servers.

Lock Work Out

You can (temporarily) keep work away by setting a time when the work space will be locked out. From the home screen swipe down from the top to reveal the attached menu, then click the Balance icon on the left side to lock the work space.

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