CIO Association of Canada


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This account looks like it’s just getting going, but could be a great way to keep up with the visual highlights from events like CIOCAN’s annual Peer Forum and chapter meetings.

PwC Canada

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Like the Instagram accounts of Gartner and other research or consulting firms, this is primarily used as a recruitment tactic, showing off employees in unusual situations. Not a bad way for CIOs to get some inspiration on how to better engage their own staff or attract the next generation of IT departments.

Microsoft Canada

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It’s one of the biggest vendors in the country, and this might be the best way to get a real sense of what the mobile workforce and other technology-driven trends will look like.

University of Waterloo

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Some of the best minds in computer science graduate from this school. Might as well get an early look at who you might be hiring — or working for — in the years to come.


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It’s a global industry association but has lots of local activity here, including research that breaks out Canadian-specific stats.


Canada Computers

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Your next discussion on what devices should be added to the organization’s BYOD policy may begin with what’s shared from this popular technology retailer.

Cisco Canada

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Instagram has proven a great place for the company to demonstrate how it’s innovating with technology, including the recent 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto, which featured its countdown clock.


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If you can’t make it to Montreal, here’s the best place to glimpse the companies that may turn out to be the big IT vendors of the future.

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