The reason Apple has not announced the AR/VR product is because the company is more interested in perfecting the technology than being a pioneer.

According to researcher Tamara Scott, Apple doesn’t seem to care about the clout of being first. Apple’s only interest is to come up with the best technology tools and devices.

While Apple is working to produce the best AR/VR technology, the company is also working to prepare the platform’s mobile OS for this AR world.

Experts believe Apple’s AR/VR device will be the real game changer, and nothing compared to the devices released earlier, as it will unite people with digital landscapes, apps and skills.

Apple’s decision not to rush into pioneering the AR/VR technology will give the company an advantage in learning from the mistakes of Google, Snap, Meta and other AR/VR companies debuting their products.

Over the years, Apple has been very careful when it comes to releasing products. Unlike other companies that are interested in pioneering tech products, Apple instead offers products with unique features that users cannot do without.