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Hashtag Trending May 24- BlackBerry stock up 60 per cent; Microsoft continues relentless AI makeover; Nearly every top Apple exec working on a new...

You can’t count them out – today’s stories are about companies that are coming from behind with surprising results.     These top tech news stories and...

Meta Pauses Plans For Portal, AR Glasses

Meta is scaling back production of some devices due to hit the market soon, including AR glasses and Portal, the company’s videoconferencing device with an object-sensing camera that follows users’ movements.

Why Apple Has Failed To Unveil Its AR/VR Headset

The reason Apple has not announced the AR/VR product is because the company is more interested in perfecting the technology than being a pioneer.

Snap announces new features for Snapchat platform

Snap Inc., a U.S.-based camera and social media company, announced a plethora of new features across its Snapchat platform at its annual Snap Partner Summit....

Top 15 journalists to follow on Twitter for CES 2019

There is so much media-generated out of CES that it can be hard to keep up. Focus in on this curated list of journalists to find the best new products on display.

Hashtag Trending – Robots create jobs; Apple losing customers; Shopify and AR

Robots might actually create jobs not take them, Apple’s new luxury phone prices scaring away customers, and Shopify bring augmented reality to ecommerce. First up...

Hashtag Trending – What to expect this week at CES 2018

The largest consumer tech trade show in the world pops off today in Las Vegas, and what better way to prepare for the big week than with a rousing episode of Hashtag Trending.

Hashtag Trending – Uber paid hackers after a massive data breach, Apple buying into VR/AR with acquisition

Uber paid hackers after a massive data breach, Apple has reportedly acquired a Montreal-based virtual reality company, and activists are planning a December 7th...

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