Meta is scaling back production of some devices due to hit the market soon, including AR glasses and Portal, the company’s videoconferencing device with an object-sensing camera that follows users’ movements.

Meta has also reportedly stopped developing a smartwatch with cameras, which has been in the works for several years.

Meta’s AR glasses, which are due to hit the market in 2024, are now on hold indefinitely, while Portal is also in limited production. Meta will no longer produce consumer-level Portal and will appeal to business users instead.

Meta’s smartwatch has several features, including dual cameras, activity tracking, music playback and messaging.

A prototype of the now-halted device shows that one camera was positioned below the display and another was positioned on the back against the wearer’s wrist. The second camera was designed to allow users to remove the watch face from its strap to quickly take photos.

Meta is investing heavily in the metaverse project as the company looks to be the convener of the next big thing to replace the internet. A few weeks ago, Meta claimed that it burned more than $10 billion in its metaverse efforts.