Major technology platforms have joined 34 signatories in backing the EU Commission’s move to tackle online disinformation. The now revised Code of Practice on Disinformation builds on the original code of practice that was introduced in 2018.

On the new code of practice, signatories promise, among other things, to demonetize the distribution of disinformation, ensure transparency of political advertising, maximize cooperation with fact-checkers and improve access to data for researchers.

The code will be enforced through the Digital Services Act. The Digital Services Act, adopted in April 2022, aims to better protect European users from online disinformation and illegal content, goods and services.

Signatories are expected to implement the new measures within six months and submit their first implementation reports to the Commission in early 2023.

A newly formed task force will then meet at six-month intervals to monitor and adapt the commitments in view of technological, societal, market, and legislative developments.