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Hashtag Trending Jun.29-Subreddit with 7 milllion members leave Reddit; University students prove voice id can be easily faked; EU “crash testing” AI

Leaders of a subreddit with 7 million members leaves Reddit, a group of university students prove that voice id is easily faked and the...

Hashtag Trending Apr.10- Corporate secrets leaked to ChatGPT, Samsung to cut chip production, Elon Musk vs. Substack

Employees give away corporate secrets to ChatGPT, Samsung announces major cuts to chip production and Elon Musk blows his stack – or his substack.   These...

Zuckerberg unveils new virtual reality headset

Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Meta’s newest virtual reality headset, the Quest Pro, a sleek device that can display text and fine details in VR, making it easy to read.

Why Apple Has Failed To Unveil Its AR/VR Headset

The reason Apple has not announced the AR/VR product is because the company is more interested in perfecting the technology than being a pioneer.

A startup’s answer to market research in a virtual world

In a locked-down world, it's often hard to do some kinds of market research as it should be done. This startup might have a unique solution to that problem.

10 ways to explore the world in isolation

I don't know about you, but I need a vacation. One that doesn't include the four walls of my home. And while at the moment we're still stuck in isolation, unable to go farther than the grocery store, there are still virtual ways to see the world – and indeed, the universe.

HP Reinvent announcements: New HP Probook, Envy, and Reverb VR headset

During the HP Reinvent 2019 event, HP unveiled its updated midrange enterprise and consumer device portfolios, as well as a new enterprise software security...

HTC announces Vive Cosmos VR headset

HTC has added the Vive Cosmos to its VR headset lineup at CES 2019. The HTC Vive Cosmos remains mysterious though. While HTC has set...

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