AT&T WebRTC video conferencing

Adoption of Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) appears to have gained a significant boost recently with the announcement of U.S.-based communication giant AT&T that it will be the first American carrier to support the initiative.

WebRTC is a Javascriot application programming interface that allows multimedia communications through browsers. It does not require plug-ins or clients to download and configure to launch a video conference.

The carrier recently unveiled an open beta program called AT&T Enhanced WebRTC API which it extends WebRTC by allowing calls to regular phone numbers as well as browser-to-browser calling along with several other features.

Through the program, organizations can get a virtual phone number that is not associated with a physical location or single device. The virtual number can be associated to an app and can be used to make and receive voice or video calls from an app of browser.

The Application Development Trends magazine also reported that mobile messaging company Acision has signed an agreement with WebRTC firm Blacc Spot Media Inc. At the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas Blacc Spot and Acision demonstrated how a person using his bank’s Web site can get help from a support specialist and use a PIN as a telephone number extension to re-establish communication with the specialist on a mobile device.

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